Student Life

Beyond the classroom, our students have the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of school-sponsored activities.

Extracurricular Programs

Our academic program is further enriched by extracurricular programs and experiences.

Clubs change annually based on student and teacher interest. We encourage students to bring their ideas.

Field trips offer a chance for students to learn outside the classroom. Field trips are provided over the course of the school year. Information regarding additional trips, times and location will be provided to the parents by classroom teachers and administration.

As an education academy, we understand the importance of literacy. Oscar Winners for Achievement recognizes students as they reach academic reading goals. Each homeroom competes in a weekly academic reading challenge, and the homeroom who achieves the most academic growth for the week is awarded an Oscar trophy to display in their classroom.

We implement a Positive Behavior Intervention Support Program to establish effective discipline practices. These practices are critical to ensure academic success as well as provide a safe learning environment for our students. In addition to this program, the PBIS incorporates an award system that allows teachers and staff to reward students when demonstrating excellent citizenship.

Lincoln Park Academy is committed to recognizing students for academic achievement and demonstrating good citizenship. Each month, homeroom teachers nominate 2 students for this special recognition. Students who receive this honor will be rewarded by attending the Student of the Month Luncheon.


A safe and secure school is our first priority. We incorporate physical security measures and crisis planning to keep our school safe. Our school safety plan includes a full time security guard, cameras, secured school entrance and on-going training for all teachers and support staff.

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