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Ms. Alissa Clugh


Ms. Alissa Clugh joined Lincoln Park Academy in 2012 with several years of educational experience as a teacher and school leader. Following her teaching career in Cleveland, Ms. Clugh pursued her dream of becoming a school leader by becoming principal of Lincoln Park. She earned her master’s degree in educational leadership from Ashland University, then went on to obtain her superintendent’s license from Cleveland State University. Ms. Clugh is passionate about educating all children, and helping each student thrive, both academically and socially. Her dedication to the students and their families is evident and profound in the school’s culture.

Ms. Heather Scheeff

Featured Teacher

Ms. Heather Scheeff has many years of experience instructing students in various academic areas, such as science and math. In her role as a 3rd grade teacher, Ms. Scheeff has developed an inviting classroom that testifies her dedication to the students and passion for education. She wishes to build confident scholars that can add value to their respective communities. Ms. Scheeff believes that this can only be done by building a rapport with the students and their families. She achieves this through providing a nurturing environment that supports and develops the students’ education beyond expectations, and through building strong relationships with teachers and staff in her school community.

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